Spaces and Relationships

I've been doing a series over on  Instagram loosely themed around "Mist and Shadow" inspired by a poem JRR Tolkien wrote. This is #17/20 of that series and the image above definitely fits that theme, but I want to talk about space and relation.

We look at paintings of the masters and marvel at the light; and yes they had  incredible eyes, and incredibly trained hands to capture it, but they did not create it, per se. If you visit one of these spaces, like this one in St. Jakob Kirche, you realize the art of the master architects that were the true harnessers of the light.

Every milky blue, and golden yellow, drawn in and focused by the mind of the drafter and the hands of the construction workers. It's a strong reminder of the connections between artists and artisans, past and present, person to person.  When I opened the shutter inside this incredible work of art, I was capturing the same light the masters were so transfixed by, long ago.